it's Lena in Latin (temptress) wrote in stickercontest,
it's Lena in Latin

June Sign-Ups

So...we've fallen a bit by the wayside.

But it's June 1st and we have a new member (welcome missfrecklehead!) and so let's see who's around.

June sign-up anyone? I'm in, and already got a sticker today!
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Welp, I'm in, of course! *waves at the welcome wagon*

(Hmmm.. how long will it take us to run out of AD icons? I think you'll win!)
i'll do it! i need a kick in the ass! and maybe i'll even make it to the gym today, to start off right...
Me too, I hope it's not too late!
woot - i'm in too.
i've been slackin' lately, and i too need a kick in the ass!
yep, altho this month will be hard...