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mom_o_cass user profile!

Name: jenne travers
Location: Quincy, MA
Birthday: August 9th, 1969
Favorite Color: purple and it's many shades.

What type of calendar will you use for tracking? (i.e. wall, desk, daytimer)
This will help with sticker size selection for "Sticker Fairy" packages.
a medium sized wall calendar

Do you own a digital camera? yes, i do

Would you like information and/or assistance with hosting and posting pictures?
no but thank you for asking! :)

Why have you chosen an active lifestyle?
i am a new mother and i want to be healthy and active for my little girl,
and i want to continue to kick the ass of diabetes.

What are some of the more challenging obstacles for you to overcome in terms of activity and exercise? because i was very heavy at one point, i have a lot of issues and pains. i am working hard to make my body feel better about exercise. it's been hard, but i need to do this.

What do you hope to gain from this community?
inspiration. friendships. ideas and advice.

What are your personal goals for this challenge?
to build up a good regular exercise program.

What do you hope to improve? What kind of results are you hoping to see, mental/physical?
i want to feel stronger and have more energy. of couse, i'd love to have my body be more toned.

What are you favorite forms of exercise?
walking, strength training with small weights, swimming.

Do you workout at a gym? If so which one? Would you recommend it?
i just began at the local YMCA. so far, it's great.

If you do a video workout or follow a particular practice, which one(s)?
i have a Yoga video my friend who is an instructor made for me, also an old Susan Powter video i really enjoy. i found it at a yard sale. it was simply called :Moving.

Which videos/DVDs would you recommend? - Please list suggested titles
just the above.

What are your favorite leisure activities?
These make good sticker theme suggestions
painting, swimming, going for hikes with husband.

What are some of your other interests, hobbies, styles, themes, favorite characters, etc...
music music music. i play drums. i love art, like Van Gogh, and love all things Sanrio. i collect postcards of all types, and i like the sun mooos and stars theme!

Anything else you would like to add? Suggestions, Feedback, Requests, Etc...

i'm just happy to be here.. i feel like i found a great community!
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Happy Birthday!
Welcome to the group!